How to become member?

What is company sport?

Company sport groups all sport activities that are organized by and within the company (= corporation). A company is an organization made up of people who work together for purposes of business or trade or services.

  • Who can become a member?

Every national federation for company sport or national federation for sport for all is eligible for membership. A regional federation for company sport that agrees to build up a national federation for company sport is also eligible for membership.

  • Are there different types of membership?

Yes, full member and associated member.

  • What is the difference between a full member and an associated member?

The full member has voting right.

The associated member has no voting right.

  • How to become member of EFCS?

1. Send a letter of intent to the EFCS president and the EFCS secretary-general + in attachment detailed information concerning your federation. This information concerns the:

  1. structure of your federation;

  2. number of members affiliated;

  3. number of companies affiliated;

  4. sport activities organized;

  5. specific programs organized;

  6. coordinates (address, tel. and fax number, website, etc.).

2. The EFCS Executive Committee (Exco) examines your application. If your application is accepted, it will be presented to the General Assembly who will decide upon acceptance or not.

In case of non acceptance, your application will be subject of further examination.

3. Pay the membership fee on reception of the invoice send by the EFCS treasurer.

  • What is the annual membership fee?

870 EUR per year, liable to changes.

  • What are the obligations of an EFCS member?

  1. To provide information required by the Executive committee;

  2. to pay the membership fee within the deadline;

  3. to participate as much as possible in the EFCS activities (events, games, congress, GA).

  • What are the rights of an EFCS member?

  1. To participate at the GA and, if full member, to vote;

  2. to participate at the ECSG and labelled events;

  3. to participate at the EFCS congress, seminars, etc.;

  4. to apply for the organisation of the European Company Sport Games, EFCS events;

  5. to apply for the organisation of the General Assembly, the EFCS congress, meetings of the Exco and the EFCS commissions.

  • What services does EFCS provide?

  1. EFCS organises the ECSG;

  2. EFCS organises labelled events;

  3. EFCS organises workshops, congresses;

  4. EFCS represents and defends the interests of all member federations at the EU and other official bodies;

  5. EFCS provides expertise and know how in the field of company sport, health and movement;

  6. EFCS helps to build up a national federation for company sport;

  7. EFCS provides a vast company network in all activity branches.

  • Who is entitled to participate at the General Assembly?

Each member that has paid the membership fee prior to the General Assembly is liable to participate in the General Assembly.