SWinG Project : EFCS to team up with European partners

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The European Federation for Company Sport is part of the SWinG Project with several European partners.



SWinG - Support Women in achieving their Goal- project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Sport Chapter. 

For the first time at European level, a collaborative partnership will gather cross-sectoral stakeholders to develop a European version of the Anglo-Saxon concept of empowerment.

The programme will provide a real opportunity to develop, transfer and implement innovative practice at the European level first and will hopefully serve as a basis for larger implementation later on. The 3 years project will allow to support women to access Game-changing positions of decision makers at each level in the governance of sport.

It will do so in modelizing the "SWinG-Her" framework of action at the European level.

SWinG would aim to deliver three sets of outcomes:

1) A Europe-wide diagnostic of brakes and levers on women’s access to leadership positions

2) The creation and testing of a matrix for change for each sport organisations – building upon empowerment, a concept still underdeveloped in European culture

3) The development and delivery a communication campaign targeting sport organisations in Europe to increase the number of female decision makers




Why women? Investing in women will have a ripple effect: the objective is not to support women because of their gender but because in bringing in more diversity in the boardroom they will allow the sector to cope with its challenges more effectively which will in the end be beneficial for the whole society.

Why involving company? The FFSE has invested a lot for several years to encourage and increase the participation and representation of women in sport. These research and engineering activities have demonstrated the link between the access to responsibility for women in Sport Company and in Company and what one field can bring to the other. In involving companies, the SWinG approach will equip the participants with the necessary support but also leadership and networking skills that are actually missing to women aspiring to take their first step into sport governance.

Why empowerment? The consortium believes that facts and time have proven that deliberate policies are not enough to make the shift towards gender balanced in sport governing bodies. It also requires intentional actions. As the aim of the SWinG project is to allow emerging female leaders to become real actors of change, CHANGE and DECISION MAKERS in the sport and physical activities sector, empowerment -the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens- will be the key to go one step further than previous approach, not only supporting the participants but also nurturing them.

Why now? Because it is time for action. Society is mature enough and awaken to the need of questioning the statu-quo between men and women. As for the sport and physical activities sector, the timing will allow the project to work towards the deadline of 2021 marking new elective year for sport federations and organisations.




The FFSE, Athletes for Hope, the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS), the European Hockey Federation (EHF), ENGSO Youth, the network of Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM), the Professional Women’s Network (PWN), the Società Sportiva Lazio, the Sport Club Partizan Skofja Loka and the University of Copenhagen 


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