Summer Games 2019 – Salzbourg

Summer Games 2019 – Salzbourg

Salzburg, Austria, will host the 22nd European Company Sport Games sixteen years after hosting them in 2003.

The pretty town of Salzburg will welcome over 6,000 participants this summer for a week of sport competition and friendshipness.


Salzburg and the Austrian Federation for Company Sport are no strangers to major events and the values of the European Federation for Company Sport.

For this edition, participants will find a selection of 27 sports and 2 paralympic sports to include everyone.

Salzburg has guaranteed Games with “short transfer times” and will follow through on its promise. Most of the sport venues are either in the city or in one of its neighbouring villages and towns. This allows the shortest possible transfer times to the competitions.

The Rif University and Provincial Sport Centre in the south of the city will be one of the important hotspots of the Games. It will host the track and field events and swimming competitions, as well as shooting and ball sport contests.

Company sport has a long tradition in Austria and plays a large role in workplace health promotion. We are looking forward to the Games in Salzburg in 2019 and to watching thecompanies compete against one another. Karlheinz Kopf, Austrian Federation for Company Sport, President

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