European Project: WAC Pioneers Scheme kick-off

European Project: WAC Pioneers Scheme kick-off

The WAC (Workplace Active Certification) project led by the European Federation for Company plans to launch the WAC certification in September 2021 and to grant the first certifications to workplaces during the European Week of Sport 2022.


The project has entered a new stage of its development: Pioneers’ scheme. A group of 28 organisations have been selected to constitute an “expert committee” in the framework of the Pioneers’ scheme, as they are the major end users of this certification. This committee will be in charge of experimenting, testing and delivering feedback on the certification criteria and user experience. The kick-off webinar meeting between the 28 organisations was held on December 17th , 2020.

Focus on the Pioneers’ Scheme

Partners from the WAC project have identified and sent out a call for application to targeted workplaces that could be involved as pioneers. As part of the selection process, organisations were invited to answer, specifying their motivation and criteria, on:

  • What is already implemented on a managerial level in the workplace (policy, HR, organisation, resources, external collaboration…);
  • What activities are implemented within the workplace for employees (physical activity and sport programmes…);
  • The vision around physical activity and well-being in general in their workplace along with a summary of activities implemented in this field.


28 workplaces from 7 countries have been selected (France, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Slovenia, Greece, and Spain), and they differ in: country, size, business area, legal form, experience and commitment to physical activity, gender equality.

The next steps for the WAC Pioneers are individual interviews and end users questionnaires with WAC partners before a second general meeting in June 2021.

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