EFCS participate in the Erasmus+ project « European Social Charter for Sport Events »

EFCS participate in the Erasmus+ project « European Social Charter for Sport Events »

The European Federation for Company Sport is part of the Erasmus+ project « European Social Charter for Sport Events » coordinated by EASE.

European Social Charter for Sport Events

The project aims to create a Social Charter that is suitable to widest audience possible amongst the sport events organisers This document will be produced through a study of the existing needs of social commitments drafting a test social charter, testing this social charter and gathering returns on it Finally it will be presented and disseminated so it can be used by most of the sport events organisers in Europe.

This Social Charter aims to be a reference document in social policies in the sport sector in the European Union As such it intends to contribute to both the European sport policy by promoting good governance of european sport events and to the European social policy by ensuring the implementation of social commitments in the European sport activities and eventS.

European Social Charter for Sport Events – Timeline of the project


The team behind the project


EASE is a not for profit and independent membership organisation created in 2003 Its purpose is to defend the European Employers in the Sport Sector EASE seeks to unite the three main areas of the sport sector that are not for profit, professional and commercial.

EASE’s objectives are:

  • To increase the representativeness of sport employers in order to promote social dialogue by
    • Negotiating on their behalf at European Level and build a new ESSDC for sport
    • Leading European Projects in the name of Sport Employers
    • Representing European Sport Employers in European and International events
    • Organising events on topic involving our members
  • Influence the labour market and labour relations in sport at European level
    • Stimulate the exchange of knowledge between our members
    • Identify and protect members interests

Website: http://www.easesport.eu/

The project partners


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