PERNILLE AUDE, member of EFCS Health Management

PERNILLE AUDE, member of EFCS Health Management















1. ID

• Age: 52

• Volunteer in company sport: member of the Board and the Executive Committee in my local company sport association in Slagelse and Board Member of Danish Company Sports Association.

• Professionnal in company sport: no

• Sports background: sailing, volleyball, skiing

• Intellectual background: graduate diploma in Business Administration + Mini MBA

• Favourite sport: everything involving a ball

• In company sport since 2013

• First contact with company sport in 2013. I was employed as Sales Manager in the Danish Company Sports Association. When I left in 2016, I continued as a volunteer and a ressource person within our organisation. In 2019, I became a board member.

• Hobbies: FAMILY, sport, hunting dog training

2. Any specific achievements?

My biggest achievement in my private life is my wonderful family. My husband and our children, Naya 23 years and Niklas 21 years. Professionally, I have managed to always have the most exciting jobs with great teams around me in totally different companies.

3. What do you expect from your engagement in the EFCS committee?

I expect to be able to make a difference and increase the numbers of people performing company sport.

4. What do you want to achieve in EFCS?

I want to push ourselves to do better when it comes to strengthening our ties between our local associations and the companies in their areas.

5. Are there specific aspects in EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

Happy people deliver great results and if you have something like sport events or activities to share with your collegues, you will be more happy at your job and as a benefit you might even achieve a healthier lifestyle.

6. Do you want to share specific thoughts/suggestions/ideas about company sport?

How do we get company sport incorporated in the family life?

7. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?


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