HAIDY ARON-CAMPAN, chairwoman EFCS Diversity Management

HAIDY ARON-CAMPAN, chairwoman EFCS Diversity Management

1. ID

• Age: 48

• Volunteer in company sport: chairwoman EFCS Diversity Management, president FFSE Ile de France, vice-president FFSE, vice-president Association Veolia sport, deputy treasurer WFCS

• Professional in company sport: head of ‘sport-santé, bien-être et qualité de vie au travail’ (sport-health, wellbeing and quality of life at the workplace)

• Sports background: professional track and field elite athlete, several international selections, captain of the French team

• Intellectual background: double Master2 commerce and environment, HR expertise

• Favourite sport: playing tennis, watching track and field competitions

• First contact with company sport: in 2008 through a professional encounter

• Hobbies: reading, music, playing with my kids

2. Any specific realizations / achievements:

Elite athlete.

3. At the beginning, what did you expect from your engagement in the EFCS committee?

Helping the development of company sport at world level and serve the interests of Veolia, my employer

4. What do you want to achieve in EFCS in the future?

Realizing my expectations indicated in point 3

5. Are there specific aspects in EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

Diversity, feminization in sport, company sport and environment, company spirit and company performances, education to enable to address CSR challenges building on the company sport

strengths and values (tools, prevention, raising awareness,…), company sport data and key monitoring indicators to recommend to the companies

6. Have you specific thoughts/suggestions/ideas about company sport?

See point 5

7. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?

Nothing specific

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