Eva Bjernudd, member Executive Committee

Eva Bjernudd, member Executive Committee


1. ID Eva Bjernudd

· age:


· first contact with company sport:

I have always worked with various non-profit organizations. Company sports and recreation have always been part of the business.

· volunteer or professional in company sport:

I am full time Secretary General of Korpen, the Swedish federation for company sports and sports for all

· sports background:

I love skiing, I competed in downhill skiing at a younger age

· intellectual background:

vocational degree at the Swedish school of sport and health sciences

· favourite sport:

skiing. Nowadays, I practice several sports to keep my body going and maintain my health

· hobbies:

skiing, running, EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) training, being out in nature especially in the mountains and in the archipelago


2. Specific realizations / achievements throughout your professional and company sports career?

I have held many different positions, both president, elected representative and CEO / Secretary General in Sweden.


3. What was your ambition when you applied to become EXCO member?

My ambition was and still is to work on the issues that still today figure on our agenda. I want our European Company Sport Games to be of a high quality where joy, fellowship and the fact that everyone is welcome, permeate the games.


4. What do you want to achieve in EFCS in the coming years?

I want to have good governance and gender equality on the agenda of the Exco. Today, we are only two women in the EFCS board and I hope there will be more in the future.


5. Have you specific thoughts/suggestions/ideas about company sport in general?

Since we spend large parts of our lives in the workplace, it is an important place to reduce sedentary life for increased well-being. It is important to contribute both to the small efforts, short breaks, exercises that you can easily do during the day. But also to train and have fun together with colleagues where your grace becomes stronger and gets a better condition.


6. Are there specific aspects in EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

EFCS is an organization where we can meet on equal terms and play sports and have fun together. It is a great idea and we need it more than ever in Europe now. Many countries, including Sweden, can make the games more famous among their members so that EFCS will grow and become even bigger in the future.


7. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?

I am one of Sweden’s first certified EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) instructors.

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