Patrik Perosa, member Executive Committee

Patrik Perosa, member Executive Committee

1. ID Patrik Perosa

age: 45

first contact with company sport: 2013

volunteer or professional in company sport: volunteer

sports background: futsal, rowing

intellectual background: master of science in business administration

favourite sport: futsal

hobbies: sport recreation and travelling


2. Specific realizations / achievements throughout your professional and company sports career?

Company sport plays an important role as complement of the weekly business activities.


3. What was your ambition when you applied to become EXCO member?

Popularize company sport in Slovenia and increase the number of participants from Slovenia in European Company Sport Games.


4. What do you want to achieve in EFCS in the coming years?

European Company Sport Games with participants from all European countries.


5. Have you specific thoughts/suggestions/ideas about company sport in general?

Company sport has a huge potential, as it is open to everyone who would like to participate in sport without requirements of professional or elite sport background. Therefore the efforts to promote Games and all other company sport activities around Europe and companies should be increased.


6. Are there specific aspects in EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

Introduction of new sports in the European Company Sport Games, and participation in the Erasmus+ sport projects.


7. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?

I truly believe that being regular physically active contributes to better quality of life, therefore I do sport recreation almost every day.

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