Healthy workplace

Healthy Workplaces Campaign

Workers are exposed to dangerous substances in many European workplaces. Such exposures are more common than most people realise and, in fact, may occur in almost all workplaces. This presents major safety and health concerns.

A dangerous substance is any solid, liquid or gas that has the potential to cause damage to the safety or health of workers. Exposure can occur through inhalation, skin penetration or ingestion.

EFCS aims to create safer and healthier workplaces for everyone’s benefit

european commission


EFCS is in European Commission headquarters for Sport Infoday Erasmus+ program.

The goal of this European Sport program is to promote : 

- The integrity of sport (fight against doping, against match-fixing, against violence, against intolerance and discrimination);

- Good governance in sport and the dual career of athletes; volunteering activities and through social inclusion, equal opportunities, the sport / health relationship ...

be active

Sport Unit Eu Commission

For 5 years, the European Week of Sport has helped tacle the inactivity crisis by encouraging Europeans to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.


This week is getting popular. From five million participants and 7,000 events in 2015, the 2018 edition drew in a staggering 12 million participants accros 48,500 events. 


House of sport

The House of Sport is a joint initiative established by several leading organisations in the sport and active leisure sector. It is composed 22 partner organisation of which 4 have their physical offices in the House of Sport premises.

The main objective of this initiative is to benefit from working together in an organised cross sectorial approach and raise awareness on the benefits of sport and physical activity. Furthermore, the partners aim at joining forces in order to share and coordinate strategic goals for the overall development of the sport sector. 


Sport and Citizenship

Sport and Citizenship is a Think tank created in Brussels in September 2007, a few weeks after the adoption of the European Commission’s White Paper on sport.

Today, it is the only Think tank in Europe, whose social objective is the analysis of sporting politics and the study of sport’s societal impact. Independent and apolitical, Sport and Citizenship has ten years of expertise and benefits from a recognition by public authorities and stakeholders of European sport. It is therefore regularly consulted by international and European institutions, the Member States, the sports movement and civil society which recognise it as a privileged interlocutor in this field.



ISIMEDIA's core business is the study, design and development of Windows, web and mobile applications in the WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV MOBILE environments.


European Observatory for Sport and Employment

EOSE is an expert in the sport organisation t a European level. It is seen as independent and objective and a facilitator and leader in skills development in the Sector. The mission of EOSE is in fact highly relevant to a number of EU policy priorities and whilst EOSE is not a lobby organisation it can through its expertise be influential on behalf of the Sector and its Members at a European level.


European Platform for Sport Innovation

Membership-based networking organisation, focused on innovation in sport, leisure, health, tourism and more. EPSI is directly linked to the industrial needs and agenda. It is supported by several national sports and innovation networks. Each of these networks holds direct relations to the sport sector.