The first steps of the federation

Preliminary talks during and after World War II between Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Officially founded in 1962
Founding members: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Switzerland.


• Strengthening human and cultural contact across national borders through sport
• Promoting regular physical activity within companies
• Emphasizing the recreational and health-enhancing characteristics of grassroots sport


• Organisation of sport events
• Exchange of regular and systematic information on initiatives taken in company sport across national borders

Logo efcs

1998: creation of the sport management department and of the  marketing management department

2007: creation of the sponsoring management department and of the health management department

2008: first EFCS conference in Riga, (Latvia)

2014: creation of the Commission for diversity 

First president and first secretary general:  Heinrich Wittig, (Germany) and Otto Sauter, (Switzerland)

1962-1966 Heinrich Wittig, (Germany) & Otto Sauter, (Switzerland)

1966-1976 Gerhard Hundt, (Germany) & Walter Westphal, (Germany)

1976-1982 Olle Arvidson, (Sweden) & Elof Rörvalll, (Germany)

1982-1990 Serge Sorber, (Belgium) & Gustaaf Van Hecke, (Belgium)

1990-2004 Tage Carlsen, (Denmark) & Svend Moller, (Denmark)

2004-2023 Didier Besseyre, (France) & Musa Lami, (Germany)


Summer games, winter games and various EFCS-labelled events:

• First summer games in Eindhoven in 1977 

• First winter games in Innsbruck in 1990 

• First labelled event in Eindhoven in 1994

Summer Games:  Eindhoven 1977, The Netherlands 1979 Göteborg, Sweden 1981 Hamburg, Germany 1983 Caister, United Kingdom 1985 Middelfart, Denmark 1987 Vienna, Austria 1989 Rovinj, Croatia 1991 Norrköping, Sweden 1993 Berlin, Germany 1995 Saragossa, Spain 1997 Trondheim, Norway 1999 Trentino, Italy 2001 Riga, Latvia 2003 Salzburg, Austria 2005 Clermont-Ferrand, France 2007 Aalborg, Denmark 2009 Rovinj, Croatia 2011 Hamburg, Germany 2013 Prague, Czech Republic 2015 Riccione, Italy 2017 Ghent, Belgium 2019 Salzburg, Austria 2022 Arnhem, Netherlands 2023 Bordeaux, France

Winter Games: 1990 Innsbruck, Austria 1992 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (cancelled Balkan war) 1994 Albertville, France 1996 Bled, Slovenia 1998 Lillehammer, Norway 2000 Cavalese, Italy 2002 Kajaani-Vuokatti, Finland 2004 Jaca, Spain 2006 Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic 2008 Gastein, Austria 2010 Les Saisies, France 2012 Fallun, Sweden 2014 Les Saisies, France 2016 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy 2018 Kopaonik, Serbia 2022 Strbske Pleso, Slovakia (2020 postponed COVID-19)

As a leader:

  • 2014-2015: first Erasmus+ project granted by EC, Active Workplace, Healthy Lifestyle
  • 2018-2019: EMoCS, European Meetings of Company Sport
  • 2019-2022: HEMA, Healthy Employee Mobile and Active
  • 2020-2021: WAC, Active Workplace Certificate


As a partner:

  • 2016-2018: EOSE S2A
  • 2018-2020: PACTE, Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe
  • 2020-2023: SCforH Partner, Sports Clubs for Health
  • 2021-2023: ESCSE, European Social Charter for Sport Events


Official partner of European Week of Sport (EWoS)

Official partner of Healthy Workplaces Campaign

Participant in EU experts groups (i.e. HEPA, Advisory Group EWoS)

Participant in formal and informal meetings with EU services (i.e. Sport Forum)

Member of House of Sport

2000: Sports handbook (initiated in 1996, first edition in 2000)

2003: First draft of our communication booklet


  • Communication strategy
  • Definition of the EFCS’s goal, values and missions



  • Games bulletins (first one – Riga)
  • Newsletter: issued in September



  • Flyer/leaflet
  • Graphic rules manual (first edition 2007, second 2008)



  • Website
  • List of member federations and detailed information about them such as number of members/affiliated individuals
  • Use of newsletters/magazine
  • First version of our current booklet


2010: Social media: Facebook

2016: Sponsor book, first edition 

2022: Social media: Instagram

Evolution of our logo