WOLFGANG GROSSMANN, member of EFCS Sport Management

WOLFGANG GROSSMANN, member of EFCS Sport Management

1. ID

. Age: 71, born in 1949

. Volunteer in company sport: yes

  • President Sparte Bowling in BSV Hamburg (company sport federation Hamburg)
  • Director of Sport in Deutscher Betriebssportverband e.V. (DBSV – German company sport federations


. Sports background: bowling, fitness

. Intellectual background: expert accountancy

. Favourite sport: bowling

. In company sport since 1974

. First contact with company sport in 1972 via colleagues

. Hobbies: traveling, reading, collecting rubber ducks

2. What do you expect from your engagement in the EFCS committee?

Expansion of the collaboration between the countries

3. What do you want to achieve in the EFCS?

To help promoting sport in Europe.

4. Are there specific aspects of the EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

European championships

5. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?

I organize bowling company sport competitions in Germany since 1999.

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