ZDENKO SIPIC, chairman of EFCS Health Management

ZDENKO SIPIC, chairman of EFCS Health Management

1. ID

· Age: 66

· Volunteer for company sport: in my job, I worked as the director of Health Prevention Programmes in a large tourist company in Poreč, Croatia. For 10 years, I volunteered for the employees of that company. In winter, I organised sports and recreational programmes of active recovery as well as trips to ski school in winter centres. I have been active in the EFCS for 8 years, and now I am the president of Health Management. And in HEPA, WHO, I am a member of the steering committee.

· Professional in company sport: no

· Sports background: internationally licenced ski teacher, tennis teacher, spearfisherman, actively trained in judo and karate in my younger years.

· Intellectual background: Graduated from the Medical High School. Graduated – Professor of Kinesiology, then Masters degree – Master of Kinesiological Sciences at the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Kinesiology. Promoted to the Scientific Research Title « Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Tourism in Poreč ». Today, candidate for the Doctorate of Kinesiological Sciences. All my life, I have been scientifically and practically perfecting and confirming in practice the importance of health prevention and targeted programs to maintain one’s health. Thus, I have organised and participated in many congresses and professional conferences in Croatia and Europe. One of the most important congresses I organised, hosted and lectured, is the Congress of Medical Health Preventive Tourism in Croatia, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. I was the director of the high school, 10 years mentor to the students of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, lecturer, prof. at the Medical and Physiotherapeutic School in Zagreb. I created « MASTER POOL » for the City of Poreč and volunteered for 4 years. Master Pool brought together all successful athletes from different sports, up to the age of 18. I coordinated and led the training processes in cooperation with the Diagnostic Center of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb.

· Favourite sport: alpine skiing, tennis, diving

· In company sport: continuous professional work for 40 years with different companies. Organiser and leader of the « Counseling for recreational exercise and health » in Poreč at the Hotel Diamant.

· First contact with company sport: in 1979 when I got a job at the Great Tourist Company in Poreč.

· Hobbies: active socialising with family, singing with friends. Nature walking with the dog. Singing in the church choir.

2. Any specific achievements?

As an associate, I actively participated in national research in the field of Physical Education and Health. I have published several books. I have written 15 professional papers in the field of sports and health prevention in Tourism. I have now launched and am conducting international scientific research to create a model « Health prevention of EU employees throughout the year. » In the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, I was appointed a member of the expert group for the development and implementation of a special tourist offer of Health Preventive Tourism.

3. At the beginning, what did you expect from your engagement in the EFCS committee?

I expect full implementation of the Health Management work program. This means the implementation of the Medical Health Preventive Kinesiology Rehabilitation program in all EFCS member countries, for the purpose of concrete measurable improvement and preservation of the health of employees in EU companies. Active networking between EFCS members for the stated purposes.

4. What do you want to achieve in the EFCS in the future?

Health Management is a very complex process. We have made preparatory activities for the implementation of the health prevention project. I would like to get more support to implement the project in all EFCS member countries. Implementation would significantly raise the quality of life of employees. In line with that goal, I would like to add the word ‘Health’ to the name EFCS. That would then look like European Federation for Company Sport (and Health). I want to help educating interested representatives of national member states, for better and faster implementation of the project.

5. Are there specific aspects of the EFCS you are interested in and that you want to see being developed?

The Health Prevention project is a demanding and important segment to promote our values. Education of stakeholders is a realistic prerequisite for serious development and implementation of the project. The European Conference « Company Sport and Health » is an opportunity to begin the implementation of the project « Health Prevention Kinesiological Rehabilitation ». I think it will be enough if I dedicate myself to that segment of work to the maximum. Of course, such a large project can only be meet its goals with quality teamwork. I am sure that the newly elected Health Management team can and will do this if a consensus is reached within the EFCS.

6. Do you want to share specific thoughts/suggestions/ideas about company sport? 

Employee health prevention is a new category of specific activities, such as Kinesiological Rehabilitation, which encompasses a wide range of jobs and is guaranteed to reduce sick leave, injuries at work, encourage resocialisation, motivation and increase productivity in the workplace.

7. Is there something else you want to tell about yourself we absolutely ought to know?

I am actively working on the preparation of the adhesion of the Republic of Croatia to the WFCS. I firmly believe that the program ‘Health Prevention – EFCS’ would be welcomed in the WFCS too. World institutions responsible for health strongly promote and support such projects. I hope to have the opportunity to support and accomplish these projects, together with my colleages of the EFCS.

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