The House of Sport

The House of Sport

Building on the momentum of the first EWoS, the House of Sport was created in September 2015 as a joint initiative of now 20 leading organisations in the sport and active leisure sector. The EFCS is one of the funding members. The main objective of this platform is to benefit from stakeholders’ synergies and join efforts in an organised cross-sectorial approach to raise awareness on the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Official invitation to the House of Sport General State of sport conference.

On behalf of the 20 partners comprising the House of Sport, Mr Tibor Navracsis (European Commissioner of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport) and Alain Courtois (First alderman, and alderman of Sport to the city of Brussels) we would like to officially invite you to our upcoming General State of sport conference entitled: “PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – TOMORROW’S CURE”

The conference will take place only on September 12th in Salle Gothique (Hotel de Ville, Grand Place, 1000 Bruxelles) during the European Week of Sport and will stage three distinctive panels: healthy bodies; healthy economies; healthy societies. The EFCS President, Didier Besseyre, will introduce during the conference some good practices about company sport and tools and ways to promote company sport.

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