#BEACTIVE Workplace FocusDay – Austrian National European Week of Sport

#BEACTIVE Workplace FocusDay – Austrian National European Week of Sport

Experiences, Best Practice and Networking was the Focus of the #BeActive Workplace Day in Austria on September, 21st, 2016.

The meeting started with a Morning Session, which was opened by the Vice President of the European Parlament Ulrike Lunacek and the Second President of the National Council and President of the Austrian  Federation of Company Sport OBSV, but also by the President of the European Federation of Company Sport Didier Besseyre. Representative of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Gerhard Span, the President of the German Federation of Company Sport Uwe Tronnier, the President of the Company Sport Federation of the Austrian Central Bank and two representatives of Companies discussed, informed and told us about best practice of company Sport.

At the end of the morning session, the choreographer and artist Alamande Belfor offered a spontanous workout session to the participants. In the afternoon a Round Table in the Austrian Central Bank connected representatives from different companies to discuss opportunities and challenges for company sport and corporate activites in Austrian enterprises. During all the Focusday fitness clubs, experts and sport clubs in Vienna, lower Austria, Salzburg and Carinthia organised the First “Day of Company-Fitness” with different information packages and programmes.

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