EU Sport Diplomacy: read the latest Sport and Citizenship Journal

EU Sport Diplomacy: read the latest Sport and Citizenship Journal

The current health crisis has been seen by many people as the chance to create something new and to offer new solutions to existing problems. Climate change, social inequality, the economic crisis and uncertainties in the health sector: challenges are not lacking, and they have been thrown into stark relief in recent weeks. Where is sport in all this? What role can it play in rebuilding society ?

Discover the latest release focusing on EU sport diplomacy

The special focus in this issue illustrates this capacity for change. Four years ago the Think Tank Sport and Citizenship focused on sporting diplomacy, Sport and Citizenship wanted to have another look at this approach today, in light of the current situation seen from the European point of view. The expertise of members of the “Promoting a Strategic Approach to EU Sport Diplomacy” (EUSD) project coordinated by Edge Hill University and supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Sport programme will allow you to discover the issues involved in European Sport Diplomacy as well as thoughts about how to include this sector in the diplomacy of the EU and the Member States.

This journal was written and edited with the help of Edge Hill University and the EUSD project consortium.

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