PACTE project carrying out its pilot phase

PACTE project carrying out its pilot phase

The European Federation for Company Sport is strongly engaged in the development of company sport and grassroots sports at EU level through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

PACTE Project in a nutshell

The PACTE Project – Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe – is a three year project, financed by the Erasmus + programme, which focuses on physical activity rates across Europe from a local authority perspective and on the development of Active Cities.

PACTE Project: Matrix pilot phase

The PACTE project is now entering a phase focusing on the development and delivery of a Matrix to help cities.

In the midst of a global physical inactivity pandemic, the good news is that urban settings are major providers for sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most cities’ employees, policymakers, political figureheads and citizens are unaware of both this potential and the existing elements of their communities. The project have designed the PACTE Digital Toolkit exactly for these reasons.

Cities have been consulted to give feedback on the tool which is set to be presented by the end of the year.

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