Erasmus+ project Sports Club for Health announces the launch of the SCforH online course

Erasmus+ project Sports Club for Health announces the launch of the SCforH online course

EFCS as a partner in the Erasmus+ Sports Club for Health (SCforH) programme is happy to announce the launch of the SCforH online course


Improving people’s health through sports clubs and organisations

Physical inactivity is a key risk factor for non-contagious diseases. It is responsible for approximately one million premature deaths in Europe each year. In spite of public health efforts to promote health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA), many people remain insufficiently active.

Participating in sports via a club is a major contributor to the overall level of HEPA. Improving the offer and the quality of programmes in sports clubs may, therefore, help increase the level of HEPA in the European population. To facilitate this, since 2009, we have carried out three large Sports Club for Health (SCforH) projects, funded by the European Commission with more than one million euros.

How to apply the SCforH approach?

Through consultations with various stakeholders in the areas of sport and health, an expert group has recently developed a free 30-minute SCforH online course. The course is available in 25 European languages. All stakeholders in the sports sector are encouraged to complete the course and earn their certificate.

Useful information on applying the SCforH approach can also be found in the SCforH guidelines and textbook, which are available on the SCforH website.

The benefits of applying the SCforH approach are manifold

By adopting the SCforH approach, a sports club or organisation can differentiate itself from other providers of fitness and sports programmes and, in that way, gain a significant marketing advantage. Quality programmes that are not directed exclusively towards achieving top results in sports competitions will attract wider audiences, provide opportunities for people in all age groups to join the membership, increase participation rates, and reduce drop-out rates.

Applying the SCforH approach can also reveal new opportunities to form partnerships with policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in the health sector, and offer wider funding opportunities to sports club or organisations. 

Join the SCforH movement

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the activities of many sports clubs and organisation are currently limited. However, in the post-COVID era, the sports sector will play a major role in the recovery of communities, by promoting HEPA. The SCforH approach is an excellent tool that may help sports clubs and organisations to prepare themselves for this challenge.

Take the online course to learn more about SCforH, and join us in the largest European initiative for the promotion of health-enhancing sports activity!

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