New Erasmus+ project Run4Diversity

New Erasmus+ project Run4Diversity

Run4Div, led by the French Federation for Company Sport, is based on a national pilot experiment carried out since 2014. FFSE is supported by a consortium bringing together national company sport federations as well EU and national organisations that are benchmarked in terms of reflection and knowledge about diversity and social inclusion, and a university particularly involved in the topics of social inclusion, sport and innovation. Through R4D, FFSE will contribute to EU Commission priorities:

  • promote social inclusion and cohesion
  • fight against the ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle through the company as a place and moment to practice
  • take care of environmental changes
  • commit to the post-Covid 19 world by proposing sports activities adapted to the business world organization changes (e.g hybridization of work)

By extending the original French project to a European level and adding a dimension of reflection, education and pedagogy, FFSE wishes to contribute to advancing the promotion and activation of physical practice in companies while pushing and embodying the themes of diversity (gender, intergenerational, disability …) within the professional environment.

R4D will carry out:

  1. Deliverables such as a state of the art of good practices and literature review on sport, diversity and workplaces topics, a quantitative survey and in-depth interviews for companies to find out the main obstacles and levers…
  2.  Mainstream events including 2 conferences to promote R4D messages and dissemination
  3. Physical and virtual races with several thousand participants to propose a concrete activation of diversity, sport and workplace
  4. Concrete programs and solutions to embody diversity through corporate physical activity.

R4D impact will be to create a sustainable circuit of Diversity Races in Europe, propose to companies durable programs and activations around diversity and sport and engage more and more companies and employees in a sustainable company sport programs

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