The EFCS is partner of WMP (Work, Move and Perf), a new European Erasmus + project!

The EFCS is partner of WMP (Work, Move and Perf), a new European Erasmus + project!

Over a period of two years, until December 2025, the WMP project will be the first European study of the effects of sport and physical activity on employee well-being and performance.

The project is led by a member of the EFCS, the French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE).

The aim of the 2-year project is to analyse the profitability for an organisation of investing in physical activity – in other words, physical activity as an optimiser of the production factor that is human capital.

As the first European study on the effects of physical activity on employee performance and well-being, it will legitimise and encourage company sports programmes to promote mental health at work.

The WMP project is coordinated by the French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE), a member of the EFCS. It brings together a consortium of organisations from the sports sector, university research, public authorities and companies.

The WMP project is divided into 4 main actions:

  • Research: taking stock of existing studies, defining criteria-indicators of productivity in the context of Physical Activities and analyse de needs of companies;
  • Study: design, administer and analyse surveys; set up a pilot experiment in 3 organisations in Malta, Bulgaria and France and measure its impact on their performance;
  • Analysing: drafting guidelines and recommendations for public and private decision-makers and producing an online educational tool.
  • Disseminate: communicate the results of the studies, organise conferences, webinars and events for the general public.

The WMP project is in line with the Move At Work and Active Workplace Certification projects.

Move at Work: inform, educate, promote

Work, Move, Perf: study, prove, convince

Active Workplace Certification: identify, recognise and certify

In fact, the three projects and the involvement of the EFCS aim to create a Company Sport Supporters Network on a European and even global scale.

The kick-off meeting will take place on 15 and 16 February in Paris at the headquarters of the Banque de France.

To follow the progress of the WMP project, follow us on the social media and inform you on the WMP website!

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