The EFCS was welcomed by the FFSE for the launch meeting of the European Work Move and Perf (WMP) project.

The EFCS was welcomed by the FFSE for the launch meeting of the European Work Move and Perf (WMP) project.

The first steering committee meeting took place on 15 and 16 February in Paris. The EFCS was present along with the 8 other European organisations in the consortium of the project co-funded by the European Commission, Work Move and Perf (WMP).

The event was organised by the project leader, the FFSE, which is a pioneering member of the EFCS.

This first meeting enabled all the representatives to get to know each other better, to share their experience of corporate sport and events, and sometimes even their expertise. Reviewing the underlying reasons and their expectations for their involvement in the WMP project helped to set the pace for the partnership. One shared general objective: Improving workplaces by making them conductive to the physical and mental health of workers.

The representatives of the FFSE and the EFCS reviewed the history of the development of physical and sporting activities in France and Europe in recent years, and pointed out that these activities could meet the European Union’s objectives in terms of mental and physical health.

On Friday 16 February, the FFSE presented the project’s objectives, key stages and overall timetable. The division of tasks between the partnership was explained and discussed.

The project’s academic and scientific partners – the University of Copenhagen and the University of Murcia representatives – presented their methodology for conducting the quantitative and qualitative study on the link between employees’ physical activity, their performance and their well-being. First, they will draw up an inventory of studies carried out on the subject and existing practices, as well as surveying companies on their needs and obstacles to the introduction of physical activity in everyday company’s life.

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Background information – WMP project.

The WMP project is a 24-month project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Sport 2023 programme and coordinated by the French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE). It aims to promote active and healthy lifestyles in Europe by developing the practice of Physical and Sports Activities (PSA) in the workplace. The WMP project is the first EU study on the effects of PSA for employees’ performance and well-being. The FFSE is implementing the project with 8 partner organisations : the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Murcia (Spain), the European Federation for Company Sport (France), the Association for Sport in the Free Time (Bulgaria), the French National Olympic Committee (France), the Sports Association of Bank of France (France), the Authority For Integrity In Maltese Sport (Malta) and the European Network for Innovation and Knowledge (Netherlands).

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