Sports Club for Health (SCforH) symposia attended by nearly 200 participants… and there is more to come

Sports Club for Health (SCforH) symposia attended by nearly 200 participants… and there is more to come

As part of the third international Sports Club for Health (SCforH) project entitled “Creating mechanisms for continuous implementation of the Sports Club for Health guidelines in the European Union”, a working group led by Professor Sylvia Titze, Karl-Franzens University of Graz and Réka Veress, Hungarian School, University and Leisure Sport Federation organised three international symposia to raise awareness regarding the SCforH’s approach among various stakeholders in the European sports sector.

The first symposium, held in November 2021 and intended for the representatives of sports clubs and associations, was attended by 116 participants. The second symposium, held in May 2022 and intended for various current and future (e.g. students enrolled in related courses) stakeholders in the sports sector, was attended by 76 participants. A total of eight experts in the field of sport and physical activity promotion contributed to the symposia with their presentations on the SCforH’s approach and related examples of best practices.

The third symposium entitled “Sports Club for Health (SCforH) approach: evidence on importance and examples of implementation activities” will be held as part of the 11th Conference of HEPA Europe, in Nice (France). The conference is will be held on 31st Aug – 2nd Sep, 2022. The symposium will include presentations on: [i] the findings of an updated systematic review on health benefits of different sport disciplines; [ii] Hungarian implementation of a SCforH intervention; [iii] the effectiveness of a coordinated action between the healthcare sector and local sports clubs to promote physical activity; [iv]; tracking participants in program—an Austrian sport promotion initiative; and [v] the development of a SCforH online learning tool. The registration for the HEPA Europe conference is now open.

The organisation of the three symposia has been generously supported and co-funded by the European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) through an Erasmus+ Collaborative partnerships grant. The latest information about the SCforH project and symposia can be found on the SCforH website and Twitter profile.

Join us in our mission to improve the availability and quality of health-enhancing sports activities in Europe.

A screenshot of the SCforH symposium held in November 2021

A screenshot of the SCforH symposium held in May 2022

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