Sports Club for Health (SCforH) symposia attended by nearly 200 participants... and there is more to come

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Sports Club for Health 2020-22 project: progress update

The project Creating Mechanisms for Continuous Implementation of the Sports Club for Health Guidelines in the European Union is funded by a European Union Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnerships grant of 398.845 Euro, and it includes 17 partner institutions from 13 countries. The overarching aim of the project is to increase participation in sport and physical activity in the European Union by encouraging sports clubs and associations to implement Sport Clubs for Health principles in their activities.

The international project team has developed an interactive online course with practical recommendations that may help you improve the availability and quality of health-enhancing sports activities within your sports club, sports association, or community. The course is free of charge and available in 25 languages. Since its launch nine months ago, the course was attended by nearly 2000 participants from across Europe.


Practical recommendations for adopting and using the Sports Club for Health approach have recently been summarised in a textbook. Last November, the project team also organised a symposium for sports clubs and associations that was attended by 116 participants.


Currently under development are: (1) Sports Club for Health Country Cards, with data on the current state of health-enhancing sports promotion in 36 European countries; (2) a database of European Sports Club for Health initiatives; and (3) a new symposium. Watch this space…

More information about the Sports Club for Health project can be found on and on the twitter account @SCforH.


Screenshot from the Sports Club for Health project team meeting held on the 6th of April, 2022


Apply to host ECSG 2027 !

As validated during the last General Assembly in Palma de Mallorca, the process for applications is opened to every EFCS member and city who would like to host the 2027 European Company Sport Games.

The deadline for application and sending letter of intent from the federation and the city is February 15th, 2022.

Who will be the next city to host the Games after Arnhem this year, Bordeaux in 2023 and Calvia in 2025 ?
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Jahorina welcomes the 15th European Winter Company Sport Games from 9 to 13 March 2022 !

After the cancellation of the winter games in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Serbian Federation for Company Sport and the resort of Jahorina, are proud and eager to welcome you to participate in the 15th edition of the European Company Sport Games. You can find detailed information about this long awaited winter sports festival in the pdf file attached. MORE INFO
Erasmus efcs online course

Erasmus+ project Sports Club for Health announce the launch of the SCforH online course

EFCS as a partner in the Erasmus+ Sports Club for Health (SCforH) programme is happy to announce the launch of the SCforH online course


Improving population health through sports clubs and organisations

 Physical inactivity is a key risk factor for non-communicable diseases. It is responsible for approximately one million premature deaths in Europe each year. In spite of public health efforts to promote health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA), many people remain insufficiently active.


Sports club participation is a major contributor to the overall level of HEPA. Improving the offer and quality of programmes in sports clubs may, therefore, help increase the level of HEPA in the European population. To facilitate this, since 2009, we have carried out three large Sports Club for Health (SCforH) projects, funded by the European Commission with more than one million euros.


How to apply the SCforH approach?

Through consultations with various stakeholders in the areas of sport and health, an expert group has recently developed a free 30-minute SCforH online course. The course is available in 25 European languages. All stakeholders in the sports sector are encouraged to complete the course and earn a Certificate.


Useful information on applying the SCforH approach can also be found in the SCforH guidelines, textbook, and how-to HYPERLINK "" guide, all of which are available on the SCforH website.


The benefits of applying the SCforH approach are manifold

By adopting the SCforH approach, a sports club or organisation can differentiate itself from other providers of fitness and sports programmes and, in that way, gain a significant marketing advantage. Quality programmes that are not directed exclusively towards achieving top results in sports competitions will attract wider audiences, provide opportunities for people in all age groups to join the membership, increase participation rates, and reduce drop-out rates.


Applying the SCforH approach can also reveal new opportunities to form partnerships with policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in the health sector, and make the sports club or organisation become eligible for a wider range of funding opportunities.


Join the SCforH movement

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the operation of many sports clubs and organisation is currently limited. However, in the post-COVID era, the sports sector will play a major role in the regeneration of the community, by promoting HEPA. The SCforH approach is an excellent tool that may help sports clubs and organisations to prepare themselves for this challenge.


Take the online course now to learn more about SCforH, and join us in the largest European initiative for the promotion of health-enhancing sports activity!


Learn more on EFCS Erasmus+ project. Check out our latest projects.

SportMalta Awards

National Sports Awards Malta, People’s Choice Award goes to EFCS Executive Committee member Mark Marlow

On 14th March 2021, EFCS Executive Committee member Mark Marlow from Malta received the People’s Choice Award during the National Sports Awards event, organized by the Malta Sports Journalist Association in collaboration with Sport Malta.

This award, funded by the Parliamentary Secretary of Sports in 1960, is the highest achievement award in Malta an individual can receive. The trophy recognizes the specific merits a person has demonstrated in the field of sports throughout the previous year. By giving this award to Mark Marlow, Malta Sports Journalist Association and the general public acknowledge and recognize Mark as being a strong ambassador when it comes to promoting sports in Malta.

In his capacity as president of the Malta Employees Sports Association (MESA), Mark Marlow has been a member of the EFCS Executive Committee since 2015. In his daily life, Mark is Head of Futsal & Beach Soccer Department at the Malta Football Association, responsible for the national teams structure and planning, coach education and youth development.

Congratulations Mark and keep up the good work!

75 ans

Danish Federation for Company Sports celebrates its 75th anniversary!

On January 20, 1946, the DFIF, Dansk Firmaidraetsforbund (Danish Federation for Company Sports), was founded.

Despite its 75 years, this successful sports federation is still very much alive and kicking, constantly expanding, innovating and setting new goals, and occupying an essential place in the world of sport in Denmark today.

Besides the fact that DFIF has been one of the 8 founding members of EFCS way back in 1962, it has also had a great impact on its expansion. Indeed, from 1990 till 2004, Tage Carlsen and Svend Moller have led the EFCS as president and secretary general respectively.

To celebrate this fantastic anniversary and achievement, 3 DFIF veterans, amongst them EFCS honorary member Kurt Pedersen, after having collected data and pictures during more than a year, finally produced a 256 pages long booklet overviewing the development of company sport in Denmark.

Although the booklet (see the link below) is available only in Danish, its pictures clearly show what company sport is all about in Denmark.


European Project: Workplace Active Certification video

The WAC (Workplace Active Certification) project led by the European Federation for Company aims to launch the WAC certification in September 2021 and grant the first “certified” workplaces during the European Week of Sport 2022.


We are proud to unveil the first video of this #WAC project. Get to know everything on the project.

Our objective is to develop a certification for companies dedicated to promoting health-enhancing physical activity in and around the workplace.

Interested in EFCS European project? Head to our web section here.